Sunday, February 28, 2010

CA-NA-DA!!!!!! CA-NA-DA!!!!! CA-NA-DA

incase you live in a cave and dont know this already.....



I think my nationalty crisis is soooo proud and since I live in Belgium, and the time difference,I stayed up till midnight with my familly screaming at the TV and praying....the game against the US, it was really close and both teams played really well. We were in the lead for a really long time, but less than the last 25 SECONDS from winning. The US tie the game and we go into overtime. The last goal decides who wins, and honestly the US had shown that they were better at fast offence...I thought we would lose....I just kept praying....and we got the shot!!!!!!!!!! We were number one hockey team in the world!!!!!! the gloves flew off ( in a good way) yet there was not as much arm pumping as expected :P

throughout the game, it was very tense and the players were VERY ROUGH. pusshing each other, tripping each other, pulling each other, screaming, goes on. We did sooo well
and I laughed at all the wierd hockey-isms "one, twice, three times a lady" WTF does that mean? I dont know "a kitty by the door" just equally as random, there are a few others I cant remember... and at the end it really demonstarted what kind of people Canadians are, when they were all cheering when the US team recieved thier silver medals. And how graciously we recieved our golds with the haida (for those un canadains, native indian) prints on them

but I really enjoyed these olypics and I think it really represented Canada, all the happy people, with there maple leaf mittens ( longest line was to buy mittens, even out of all the events) and you could hear loud cowbell at every event supporting our athletes. It also showed the diversity of Canada I have talked about in previous posts....

Even if you were for the US, I hope you enjoyed the Olympics as much as I did, tomorrow I am going to school with a flag and a stufffed toy of the mascots... :D pride

mucho love



  1. My brother took my sister and I to a hockey game last week. I know what you mean by rough! They can be really rough!

    Great post!
    -Missy May

  2. Ahahhaa, I love you and you Canadianness, but I would've prefered you as a Mexican.
    I'm kiddding. (:
    Je t'aimeee!
    Love, Malou.