Friday, February 12, 2010

The Death of a creative genius, Alexander McQueen

At first I find this video extremly disturbing, and I dont blame you if you do too. PLEASE GIVE IT A CHANCE AND KEEP WATCHING. Because by the end of this video, im speechless staring at the screen, wondering how someone so talented, creative and someone able to creat such beauty would hang himself, ( his mother died, but its still a shame) ....mabye its just me being dramtic, but if this isnt what art is about, being able to take the viewer away from thier lives and transfer them to your vision, no? then I dont know what is

I have a feeling that the beautiful and disturbing fashion came from a mentally disturbed genius....thats the thing with geniuses....they always end up being disturbed.....woa

ok just FYI not all my posts are gunna be this wierd n serious but I am one of those annoying arty ppl and i needed to share this

OK hopefully with some lighter happier posts to come


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