Saturday, February 27, 2010

Got a Haircut... : /

ok so my mom has this issue with my hair, I have really curly hair, not like small curls but wide
ones....and my mom says I look messy "its un chic, u have to do something about it" Yeaaa
thanks....Anywho, everyone else likes my hair including me and its sorta my signature thing. So
my mom made a plan to trick me into the hair cut.....She made an appoinment at a really
expensive hairdresser and told me later.... "hey soph, I made an appointment for the hairdresser cause u wanted to do something about ur mess" ( i never wanted to do anything) But now i cant say no cause I seem ungradeful...Anyway so my mom surfs the net to find a pic to show the hairdresser how to do my was this one of nichole richie I cannot find at the moment, anyway so we get there and he does my hair, I dont really like it but its ok, my bangs are to short and are not side bangs anymore, and he got rid of my length :(.....yea but he actually made my hair take that!!!! vive le curls!!!!

and my mom didnt say anything cause i mean, if I like the curls, my friends like the curls, the hair dresser likes the curls, she cant say im the only one who is being "un chic"

I dunno why I wrote this much about a haircut but seemed very dramatic at the time and it was a victory for me and my curls against my mom

I dont hate my mom or anything, I do love her but she isnt very open to other opinions and that can be challenging....

and to brighten up this post with a lil Fianess

here is an apartment block in Tokyo that looks like a set to some crazy childrens show....


  1. I want a haircut soon. I let my bangs grow out and I want the style of Liz, from My Life As Liz.
    I would like to die it red too!

  2. nice way to brighten up a negative post with something japanese!!!!! yayay!! japan rules!!! it is such a happy place

  3. I. Want. To. Live. In. That. Building.


    Love, Malou.
    Do you like my new layout btw? :)