Monday, February 22, 2010


this clip had me laughing for sooooo long, I love this woman, I really want to meet, to the point where I might internet stalk her... I love this clip because it is highly unlikly that this woman is acting, and it just reminds me what a naturally insane and halarious place the world can be, that there are REAL chatacter like this

this coming from a biege person (mixed race) I hope that any viewers understand that any racial comments that this lady is saying are not being taken seriously, ( like everything else she said) . When it comes to stareotypes and racial or cultural differences, I embrace irrational stareptypes. They generally make me laugh how people can come up with such ideas and truely believe in them, either good or bad or strange.....

Sorta going onto a different topic but, when people see me it is very hard to tell where im from, and it really doesnt help when I say "yea, im Canadian" and they say "no you are'nt" in total seriousness, I do you know? "many people see Canadians as white Lumber Jacks.... but in Toronto it is so diverse, every neighborhood is like a different country ( great for different food :D), China Town, Greek neighborhoods, tons of Indians, there is Latin nieghborhoods, Italian, the list goes on and on.... but ive given up on trying to lecture EVERYONE on diversity.... and tell them that im Canadian, but my dad is Swedish and my other Granda is Indian. So I have just said I am.... wait for it....

Mexican......:D and for the ignorent types even after I say "im Canadian"and they say "no you arent" then im like ok fine, ill have to lie to you cause it will make you happy and its not worht fighting, and the same people I just told im Canadian, "fine, Im Mexican if you want" "really you are Mexican" dude im not, but people believe what ever they want to

So yea I have learned there are tons of great people from all over the world...

I really do believe where you come from doesnt make much of a difference on who you are....I am a very proud citizen of the world...sounds lame but its the closest thing I have to an identity I have

mucho loveo peoples :)



  1. She is crazy! I can't believe she asked him if he's seen her dead cat!

    Very funny, thanks for sharing!

  2. I left an award for you on my blog, congratulations!