Thursday, March 18, 2010

3 this cannot be normal

I thought I should make an effort and live up to my url. Even if I dont like it

So here are my three confessions of the day

1. In french, I was secretly eating an Oreo cookie and a bit of icing fell down rather than go fishing around in the middle of class, I just moved my shirt around. And that looked awkward and didn't help so I stopped. I forgot about it after a while. I go home and when I'm ready to go into the shower...I FIND A BIT OF OREO ICING IN MY BELLY BUTTON...not cool!!!!

2. I am officially an art nerd....Like really, we are learning about the industrial revolution in social studies and all I can think about it that article in Wierd magazine. The thing on Steam Punk. I mean really, how freakin lame. If you don't know what steam punk is then I shall notify you. It is a genre of art based on creating new inventions and objects based on the steam run machines from the industrial revolution. Sorta like, science meets art and history. Gritty English, Victorian/ sci-fi. Any way its a type of art and culture. Here are some pics to explain.
3. My mom just found out who Justin Beiber is and has decided that my brother should be a teen sensation. "They look alike, he really looks like maxie, give him a sideways baseball hat and straighten his hair. They can just auto tune him" ......HELP ME!!!!!

Cant find a good pic of the lil man right now, So ill show you guys later so you can compare.

This has all happened to me in one day...welcome to my life

Anything messed up you would like to share??? please tell?

Loads of love


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  1. I have a confession! I stayed at my friends house for the day without my parents, they told me to stay at the house but we rode our bikes around the golf course! Then we stopped at the river and threw rocks. I will never tell my parents. I would never be allowed to go to her house again!
    Don't tell anyone!
    -Miss Mayhem