Thursday, March 25, 2010

Christian Louboutin for Barbie

IS THIS NOT ONE OF THE MOST FABO BARIES YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!?!?!?! The only place I could find to buy this beauty was net-a-porter, but they are for a bijillion dollors and are already sold out. i love how it is sold out, it just shows how many people are creative and appreciate this sorta thing. Designer baries= awesomeness! The first barie of the collection was in a cat suit but I like this one better. I designed a Harajuku barie of my own featured in older post and a fellow blogger friend Missy May has just designed an amazing wedding dress for hers. And just in case you are not familiar with Christian Louboutin he is famous for his beautiful shoes and trademark red sole :) Here is just a few pics I found of his work, but I don't feel like I have done him justice, feel free to search his shoes, just to see the wide range of stunning shoes

So I was able to combine two of my loves into one post, WOOT!
Hope you liked it
mucho love

P.S. ( over the knee fuchsia fringe boots, awesomeness!?!?!?!)


  1. ohhhh Sophia!!!! Let Barbie lovers re-unite once again!! and proceed to rule the world!!!

  2. Barbie rules! I will always love her! Thanks for mentioning me in your post! You are so sweet!

    I am making a crazy shoe post later, check it out!
    -Miss Mayhem

  3. Sophhh!
    Are those the shoes we saw on the Art trip to Antwerp and you freaked out and I had no idea why you were so excited?
    If not I sound like and idiot. :P
    Hhahahha, Love.

  4. they are the designer we saw in Antwerp :P