Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Dalai Lama has a Webcast and I wanna Learn to Bake

He is awesome right :p

yep....thats really what I had to share....im doing this project on the Dalai Lame for Social Studies....and he is pretty awesome, we have this list of people who "made a difference" that we could choose who we wanted to study. I knew right away, I wanted to pick him. Im not buddist or anything, im not religious, although budism seems like the coolest one. I just like thier values and ideals. Happiness, enlightenment, not only valueing posessions, peace....And it is probably the least violent too. Anywhooooooo So I was researching and I found that the Dalai Lama does regular webcasts....Am I the only one who thinks thats funny.....I mean when you think of holy, wise, old, relgious leaders you dont think that they are posting videos of themselves on the internet......Imagine if the Pope did that....it just makes me laugh. SO yea I think is is a great way to communicate and preach and promote, very modern and cool........and he has this cute old person/asian accent
and lately I WANNA BAKE
like well....not those ready made mixtures and funfettie iceing, im art and wanna be able to make them look good, Here are some awesome ones. There is a strange amount of video game related ones, but the lego people making the cake are my favorite and the tiffanies one my mom made for my B-Day

smile face---> :D



  1. Love the Dalai Lama post! Who doesn't love being happy? The cakes are amazing, now I'm hungry! My fav was the Mario and Peach in the castle cake!

    Love the post!
    -Missy May

  2. as soon as the mr. lama teaches you how to bake...will you bake me a really cool cake for my b-day??? nice tiffany box...looove it! oohh and you forgot to say the coolest part of buddism is you get to rub the buddhas belly!!!!!

  3. malou told me about your post!
    Great cake...I'd love to learn to bake such a beutiful cakes!
    HAVE nice week!

  4. My face looks disgusting in that picture in the side bar. Hahahha.