Sunday, March 7, 2010


augh I got up this morning, looked out my window and thought to my self "OMG sun!!??!!" like that is some amazing thing. This was Belgium does to a person!!!! :( I was like all excited for the sun and I had to let my dog out in the yard, I open the door and Woa, its fricken freezing. DISAPPOINTMENT!!!! This traumatising experience, got me think about when I lived in the middle east, Bahrain....mmm....wake up in the morning and its so bright, my room is kinda cold cause the AC has a mind of its own. I through on my uniform, which wasnt so bad, and run down stairs. And my mom makes me put on layer after layer of sunscreen. I lived bout 750 meters away from school. I could see our soccer pitch from my window. But I NEVER walked to school. And before you all "lazy spoilt child" it was and average of 37 C, dunno what that is in F...i google it. 98.6 F...and one time my mom was away and I walked home with a friend, I will never ever forget how hot that was where I lived was really new, and still developing so there was no tar roads or side walks, so unless I wanted to get harassed and then run over by some pervs in a donkey cart then I took the car. Not to mention a pack of wild exageration. But I really did love it. We always had to wait for the care to cool down before we got it cause it would be hotter in the car than outside. DO NOT HAVE A BLACK CAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST!!!! We erent allowed to do Gym outside in the summer, they thought one of us might pass out, and you were not allowed outside in the summer without a hat. Sometimes we would be driving and about 50 camels would pass us, they were the sheikh's and they were out for thier dayly walk. There were some wierd things like, groups of workers sitting in the back of an open pick up truck on the high way. looking tiered and sad. My favorite was going into the malls and seeing all the men in thobes, on very expensive phones. And the arabic ladies in their abayas with heavy eyeliner and the spell of strong purfume. But in this culture the really are about the wow factor. But ofcourse I wasnt really part of the arab culture as much as I was apart of the expat one. The sports clubs, all my guy friends played rugby. and most of my girls played net-ball. I really miss it, the sunshine, the culture, my friends, the hospitality and the general way of life. I dont think I will ever be able to go back to Bahrain.... :(

BUT.....I AM GOING TO DUBAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOT!!!!
My family just booked the vacation we have been wanting to go back to the middle east for a while and Im really I will go youtube dubai and the hotel

new fountain attraction...i can almost feel the humid night

the hotel...eiiiik!

fireworks at grand opening of hotel

So yea, im happy. Is there anywhere that you miss or really remember???
tell moi...

mucho loveo



  1. I have never seen a camel in person, but I want to! When are you going to Dubai? I want to know!

  2. Excited for youuuuu. (:
    You haven't bloggged in a while. :(
    Love, Malou

  3. soz im shoulda been blogging...ive been sick and i forgot....missy may, I actually rode a camel...THEY ARE FREAKY!!!! I dont know much about horses and riding but I think that camels must be harder to use...I think they are higher off the groud. and their back knees beck backwards...SO when you get on they LURCH and through you farward...( life flashes before your eyes :P) Hahaha but that was pretty freaky. Ummmm I will go now and find something cool to blog about :)

    Love ya both, missy may heard you were sick awhile back, you better now???

  4. camels getting up just FYI