Monday, March 15, 2010

Intoducing Doodle Life!!!!

ok I have no idea how pixely this is gunna be but I intend to try and get better quality as I continue. And I will try to get my drawing program tools to disappear. I got the idea to start a comic series from to different places, The still, stories coming from Hyperbole and a Half and my style coming from a video series I have always loved GIRL SQUAD!!!! "get ready to look soooooo good" "woot" Ok so this is only my first and I hope to improve :D

My first one is, FRENCH SNOB V.S. ECO- WARRIOR
Major debate: eation frog legs :P
frenchie : "h'I h'am sooo Fanche"
Eco girl: "Evil frenchie. You cant eat frogs!!! They are people too!!! Wait mabye not, they are cool anyway"

Surprise character: JIMMY!!!!, the turquoise BLOB

P.S. in need of tech help, how do you make your whole blog wider, I wanna make this pic bigger but it cuts it off :( also how do you show and have a lil video screen on your post rather than just a link??? ok thanks


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  1. I'll explain the video thing to you tomorrow. Insanely easy but I can't explain it cyberly. (: