Monday, April 19, 2010

Chic et Cheap

Ok so I was surfing the web and just 'happened to pass' by net-a- porter ( I cant buy anything but that doesn't mean I cant dream) ok so anyways, I'm just flipping through pages of beautiful cloths and see this bracelet Its cute right? Fun, cute and simple, just a shiny charm on some teared liberty fabric, yea well guess how much this cute rag costs? oh just $125! Ok for some actually elaborate piece of jewelry of even a pendant fine, that's just the way fashion is. But for a cute rag with a Claire's charm on it? REALLY? So I told my mom about it and how I wanted to make one and one after coming home from school she had bought all the material, enough to make 5 BRACELETS, all together it costs like €5, which is like $7, thats pretty freakin awesome, cest trĂ©s WOOT. Anyways this is how they turned out

Ok that's all for TODAY, but will up load more tomorrow, promise. Oh and followers, I try pretty hard to make my blog interesting, but it sorta sucks if I only have like one or two regular followers, so please if you get a sec, just pass a note on to any fellow bloggers. Cause I haven't exactly got the whole advertising blog thing down and I would totally appreciate your help thanks :D
- Fia


  1. I love it sofia!!! they look really cool!! so much for not being crafty!! miss you, and tennis

    oh and by the really cool uncle says hello and told me about those print-y things that you like and I always forget the name of the different creatures with like eyes and stuff...and they are apparently not very expensive. I took a few pics of the ones he has in the US. They have more in Japan sadly so I couldnt get those ones... but I still got you a cool gift!! i hope you like it!! xoxo-Emiko

  2. I would totally buy one! You are so right, the $125 bracelet looks like something from Clare's!

  3. I have an award for you on my blog! Congrats!

  4. Omg thanks so much for the award!!! you are so sweet, not to mention really freakin cool