Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do You Love Her? I Love Her!

Just gettin ya in the mood for Paris, Street Style, a la
And here is a pic form an exhibition in Colette, the fab designer store. Im pretty sure this was up during the time "The Selby" was living in the store window. I literally squealed when I saw the store :D No idea what I'm talkin about?, C'est pas un problem.
Photo taken by The Selby, he takes pics of artists at home, btw pretty sure the hole in the wall has a bed in it!
Dans ( inside )
Aussi Dans
One of the lines Colette is selling, "reinventing the sweat suit"

Yay for uber awesomeful style and design places in Paris, more of my own pics later

- Fia

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  1. Crazy outfits. I would totally punch a hole in the wall for my bed if I could!