Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Its finally here!!!!!!!!!! wooooot!

okay, without further delay here are my pics from spring break in Dubai

Atlantis! :) our hotel

Sprinkles, they make the world go round

Fountains near pool

This is Jimmay, my bro found himMax is sleeping and Jimmay is just hangin Cool glass art in lobbyThe Burj, its a blurry pic but I have to representThe skyline from the hotel beachCOLDSTONE'S, a ice cream store chain, where you make your own flavors, mine was cheesecake flavor with oreos, strawberries and marshmallows :DCeiling PaintingMy hommies! Damn missed these guys! Aquarium just outside the restaurant for breakfast, inside hotel Dude who cleans the glassI'm a total creeper, have no idea who this is but he is pretty freakin cute Arab stoouf

I will always have a place in my heart for the Middle East, same for Europe and Canada, I am a deff a citizen of the world. The Middle East is a lil part of who I am, for the short time I spent there, it had huge effect on me, its a great place to be

I'm really glad I got to share this with you guys, hope you are not too fed up with me. Till next time

- Fia

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