Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Still Catchin' Up

Ok so here is my moderately new cell, Ive had it for like months but it hasn't worked till like now, so i thought in celebration of it actually working I would decorate itSo there is that and some artwork I did two projects ago :P

I didn't really like the project but by the end it looked pretty cool, only thing that sucks I only got a B+, which isn't bad but i worked hard on it and I thought I would get higher :(
Okay and last thing

Awesome Tokidoki Key Chain Lost

If found please return to moi, reward: (ummmm) feeling of doing the right thing, ok €40

I'm pretty sure its gone forever, and my Icelandic friend Kidnapped Jimmay. But if I argue or accuse him I know somehow he will blame this on me :P

- Fia


  1. I am so sorry you lost your key chain!

    I found this one on Ebay for you, does it look like your old one?


    I really hope the link works! If it doesn't, there is one on Ebay!

  2. This is the whole link, I hope this one works!


  3. Okay, I just checked. If you put the second code in the search bar, then it will take you to the Ebay page!

  4. :( to the power of infinity...but mine fell off too :(

  5. you guys are so sweet! Missy, its identical, your so good. But i dont know if I will pay like $50 for a key chain :(