Monday, April 5, 2010

VinTAAAGE......Cool stuff I got from my mom

Im really excited bout these brouches and the ring I got from my mom, not to mention this awesome transparent glasses. It actually started when I was leafing through a Vogue and kept seeing all these Ads for Prada Eyeware, the glasses were transparent and sorta 60s style. Fell in love with them and showed my mom, and she was like " oh, you know I have a see through pair of wayfarers, want them" " YES!!!" So yea and when she was searching for them she found all this other stuff, she said I could have. So YAY!

So oui...ce ca

My pics arent so great cause they were taken inside at night with sorta Blah lighting, but I tried :) hope you are havin a good Monday!


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