Sunday, April 25, 2010

Will I Ever Catch Up???

Things have been going to fast lately, I haven't posted in like 4 days. I still haven't posted Dubai and while I was gone, I also went to just decided to go to Paris, you know how it is....haha, my life isn't usually this eventful but lately a lot has been going on. I was one of the lucky people who actually got back from vacation. I took advantage of the slow week ( teachers didn't give work cause student were stuck in Africa and India because of freakin Icelandic volcano) and tried to make some head way on my long term projects. Then this weekend I hopped on a train to Paris for my art team trip....and now I here, completely exhausted, supposed to be identifying wildflowers but blogging....detail later.....TIRED!!!!

( love this pic, everyone is just starring at her, she is fab)

till then

- Fia

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  1. Don't feel stressed about blogging! There isn't a written rule saying you HAVE to blog all the time!