Saturday, May 22, 2010

I couldnt make these up if I tried

Dress up games.... most girls around my age were at some point messing around with virtual Polly Pocket's hair, or clothing barbie. Today Emiko and I were on the computer and we were watching famous youtube videos and talking about things that every one has used the Internet for. Then we remember a source of much joy, doing the pixelated nails of a Myscence doll. We decided to be really cool and see how dress up games had changed since we were little.

Yea, they are a little different, when we were six there was no EMO GINGERBREAD MAN DRESS UP, now how is that fair!?!?!?!

Sluty gingerbread, ( mine :P )Daring gingerbread ( Emi's )Elie is haunting you in your sleep
This is supposed to be Lady Gaga, looks more like and evil clown, then again, is there a difference?
I want my wedding to be like this, a dress made out of toilet paper, a vail from Claire's and have 5 different, sad looking, semi- gay, grooms to choose from

This is just plain scaryOur version of a take your boyfriend and kill you hamster psycho

It isn't a emo gingerbread man but the concept is a close second in the WTF spectrum. Centaur dress up.....YAY, shes so hot with those grapes



    This is obnoxiously hilarious.
    Lady Gaga looking like an evil clown. :))
    I love this. :))

  2. AHHH Fia.... good times chez toi!!!

  3. WOWOWOW! Looks very entertaining, lol!

  4. HAHAHAha. these are very different from what I remebre. But then again, I was 5. ;)