Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wild Thing

Okay, you might not believe me. But for like the last couple of months Ive had this obsession with cat eye glasses. You know, those ones with the points at the corners, you see them in old movies on dated stylish women. They are a lil extreme and costumey but I love them. And I think they would be so much fun to wear with a colorful top and jean shorts.....anyway. I almost shrieked with joy when I found that on Teen Vogue's website there was a post in the "gotta have it"section on Cat Eye Glasses....WOOT! Someone gets it :) And it turns out that the designers love it. Names like, Chole, Tom Ford, Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs. Everything comes back, wayfarers had a revival why not Cat Eye?

Such a Fun Color
Deff my favorite. Kick Ass Tom Fords
Just Plain Beauty
Little Less Extreme



  1. Okay SORRY fia, wrong link.
    here's the award link:


  2. Oh my gosh, thanks so much! One of the cutest awards ive seen! Did you make it yourself!?!?!?

    thanks again.



  3. I love the glasses, and I had fun duringt P.E. when we played Basket ball!

  4. Just Plain Beauty. <3
    Love those. I actually got my first pair of sunglasses this season.
    ...I wear my glasses underneath them...

  5. i like the second one , it seems funky !