Saturday, August 14, 2010

Antique Market and Beauty Buys

I went to a antique market yesturday, and I completed a life long quest, to find the perfect birdcage! Its so pretty and with the flower detailing, and great value. It was about 25 euro, I've been searching for a while, and usually they are 50 euro or more. Its gunna be great in my room.

I also got these great old stamps, cost total of 5 euro. Great bargain!

On a completely unrelated note, here are some of my beauty buy and gift I got.

My aunt came to visit from Canada and brought me some of the Tokidoki products from Sephora. 3 nail-filers and a lip gloss. I love the little glittery details on the gloss and the sushi bar on the yellow nail file. Polishes I bought myself and im completely in love with the bright sparkly turquoise color. OPI- Catch Me In Your Net

Well thats all for now

Mucho Loveo xxx



  1. That birdcage is absolutely beautiful. I've been wanting one for so long!

  2. That birdcage is beautiful....I'm heading to an antiques store later, hopefully I'll be able to find something special!


  3. thanks for the comment on our blog, it was so sweet!! i love your blog btw, especially your pictures, they're so colorful and fun! also thanks for following, we're now following you!!
    xoxo, Chezelle and Spectra

  4. Love the birdcage, too pretty!