Sunday, August 8, 2010

Marc Jacobs inspired shoot.

From the exagerated bows to thee actual over exposed photography, I love marc Jacobs and was feeling inspired. The shirt is Maje- got it on sale for 42 euro, Shorts- Zara. Bow Scarf- American Apparel. Bracelet was a boutique buy and I cant remember the brand, Sorry. Think this would make a good back to school outfit? Ye or neh? Nail ok for school?

Feild Shot Photography- Max Samuelsson
(he wanted credit :D )

Mucho Loveo xxx



  1. like like like!!!!!!!!!! such a nice sis to offer credit to the photographer!!!! <3 <3!!! so cute!

  2. I really like the outfit, it looks soo good on you!!! and the nails are so cool! :)

  3. I actually love your blog :D
    These pictures are awesome! I like :)
    Thank you for following. The follow is returned... er... yeah xD

  4. Sofia ! my pleasure , your blog is awesome

    i love all the colors :)

    you're just 14? wow , i wish i am just 18 hahaha have loadsa loadsa fun i will be back for more new updates

    and i love Skittles too esp red ones ♥

  5. thanks, I've followed.

    I love your blog too especially how you used the scarf wonderful idea :)

  6. Very beautifully shot! Love that shirt. :)

    Oh, and I love your header, the typography is too cute!

    Now following!

  7. Love the outfit!! Så cute.

    XOXO Line (