Saturday, October 2, 2010


Feeling in a sinister n twisted mood for the moment....and I am oh so enjoying wallowing in it. I have provided a visual aid to convey my emotions (how thoughtful )

Possibly the coolest album cover ever...first saw this in a exhibit in Paris, never forgot it.

To some, these graphics seems weird, creepy and bizarre. I have decided what we perceive as bizarre, is only that which we cannot understand. To be perplexed by all of life, you are either genius or fool. To love or hate, is human.

I do not wish to preach but only give an original thought, when we live a world where our thought is expected to be expressed by pop-song-lyric-photo-captions and Facebook bumper stickers.

Perhaps I'm just as bad as the rest, my musings as deep as a plate...This is an act of sheer desperation to capture the beauty and passion and opportunity that life's presents to us.

Mucho Loveo xxx - Fia

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  1. Barbara Kruger art and Sonic Youth LP covers-oh my. Love this post!