Monday, November 1, 2010

Continuing the Awesomeness, Art and Design

A while back, I went to Antwerp ( I LOVE IT THERE! ) for a day.
And of course, because its Antwerp and it rocks, I found myself this adorable Quee. The little guy is sold out everywhere, but I found him. Its funny cause the lady who owns the shop is like my homegirl, I swear I must be her most loyal costumer. Anywhoo shes cool and I can ask about geeky things and buy spray paint so its all good.

Here is the lil fella
The lady bug is soooo cute!
I so badly want these lamps, I think if I found the right stuff, I could make it, cause they are designer and INSANELY expensive like a single winged bulb is in the thousands

Ok lego furniture...always a win!
Mucho Loveo xxx

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  1. i think i am ligit going to die from seeing that fuzzy thingy... AGHHHH!!! so cutee!! i want to meet your... lets say connections in antwerp... WE MUST PLAN A TRIP!!!!!!!!!!