Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Just Want a Little More Murakami

The following is my desperate attempt to capture the work of
Takashi Murakami, the famous Japanese pop artist. These pieces
were controversially displayed on the grounds of Versailles,
the historical royal palace of France, situated outside of Paris.
To say Versailles was magical; is an understatement. I felt
like a killer sound track was gunna start any second, a la Sofia

Can u spot the Converse 10 seconds into the clip?

I visited Paris with my Art Club, and have no pics of myself
pour le moment, mais I will update it with personal pics later.
(franglais skills! you jealous? Now if only I could speak actual
It was an awesome trip; Between exhibitions me and my friend
overdosed on Ladurée and toured Les Tuileries. Stopped by Colette
( As fabulous as always, I picked up a copy of The Selby is in your Place)

One thing that's difficult about being in Paris, you feel ugly and passé. At
least I do. Seriously,I'm not trying to pull the usual teen girl, fishing
for complements thing. Everybody is so so beautiful and kick-ass there;
heels and perfect, just-outta-bed-hair, never trashy though. Just raw
Parisian chic; little compares.

Photographing his work was really difficult, especially when
it was enclosed in glass (fridge'in glare) . And I only had my
crappy, little,digital camera. I may have over-edited a little,
anyway, enough excuses, here's what I got.

Oval Buddha

Flower Matango

The Emperor's New Clothes
Yume Lion
Superflat Flowers
Jellyfish Eyes- Saki
Pom & Me... It's a self-portrait Of Murakami
and his dog, Pom.
The Simple Things
'Kay so the pic above is my own, the one below is from
another blog, I didn't really feel like I did it justice.
Jellyfish Eyes- Tatsuya

Mucho Loveo xxx


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