Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sa- Sa- Sa- Saatchi Gallery.

Finally! I took long enough, but I am finally posting, my favorite pieces of artists that I discovered at the Saatchi Gallery in Lon-don. Some cool things about the Saatchi Gallery is that it is totally free and open to the public. It also is not overwhelming in size but still has a diverse, every- changing selection of modern art on display.

Artist: Luke Rudolf
I love the fact that you can still make out the
silhouette of a person , giving it that portrait feel, yet the geometric shapes in
no way resemble facial features. And I mean, the combination of the
gray shapes and those vibrant paint strokes...genius

Artist: Graham Hudson

I was so fascinated by the way he transformed and recycled
everyday objects from forgotten trash into art.
The piece below was the one I saw, the garbage bags are actually
inflated by fans, giving the sculpture movement.

Artist: Tessa Farmer
Her work is; gruesome, sinister and beautiful. She takes
insect skeletons and hangs them on invisible string, the little
fairy skeletons are hand crafted. Can you image how much patience
it wold take to carve such delicate, intricate figures?

Artist: Jaime Gili
I just love the composition and color selection.
Artist: Ximena Garrido Lecca
This made for an amazing instillation piece. It is massive
yet so detailed. I felt like she had cut out a part
of another world and stuck it in the gallery.

Artist: Dick Evans
I find the piece has a very urban, gritty feel. Complete with
cigarette butts and a crushed can. The dull color of the wave
reminds me of ash, I am not sure what exactly the wave
was made of, but there is no debating, it is very impressive.
Artist: Mustafa Hulusi
Mastery of complementing contrast....I think yes.

Lastly here is an amazing clock that was for sale in a store in the Saatchi Gallery... I want this in my!

- Fia


  1. Hii Hii
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  2. I love that wave! It looks so cool!
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