Saturday, March 27, 2010

OK,? WHY?!?!?!?!

you are insanely patient if you watched the whole thing. I felt color blind half way through. I like a lot of Japanese things but this is just TOO colorful and overdone and crazy and there are random bits of English thrown in. Its just overwhelming and confusing. Yep thats my random post, I think this was a featured on youtube a while back thats how I found it.
wow this is random
mucho loveo

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Christian Louboutin for Barbie

IS THIS NOT ONE OF THE MOST FABO BARIES YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!?!?!?! The only place I could find to buy this beauty was net-a-porter, but they are for a bijillion dollors and are already sold out. i love how it is sold out, it just shows how many people are creative and appreciate this sorta thing. Designer baries= awesomeness! The first barie of the collection was in a cat suit but I like this one better. I designed a Harajuku barie of my own featured in older post and a fellow blogger friend Missy May has just designed an amazing wedding dress for hers. And just in case you are not familiar with Christian Louboutin he is famous for his beautiful shoes and trademark red sole :) Here is just a few pics I found of his work, but I don't feel like I have done him justice, feel free to search his shoes, just to see the wide range of stunning shoes

So I was able to combine two of my loves into one post, WOOT!
Hope you liked it
mucho love

P.S. ( over the knee fuchsia fringe boots, awesomeness!?!?!?!)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Its a Bunny with a Moustache

just bought this lil dude on the weekend

Mr. Potato Head has got nothin on this Labbit. Awesomeness factor is WAY high for this :D
This has been short and hopefully sweet post
Loads a love

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Distracting Myself

yep, cant sleep don't, know why. So of course the most effective a normal way to fix this is to post many pictures of beautiful cloths and people. There is something wrong with me, and I don't know ow to test if a person is an insomniac. I think I would test positive.
ok two posts in uno, i must be getting better at distracting myself and procrasinating. Ok not in a very good place right now, im up, posting and not making any sense probably and am having a sugar crash
augh...must sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
love and.....stuffff

It's.....GEFFORY KA-POW!!!! as promised

C' est mon Panda...that I made a REALLY long time ago. His name is Geffory Ka-Pow. And I took a pic of him in his natural habitat, just hang' n with his other awesome toy buddies... Im really into plushies right now, but I cant scroll on the mac so I cant show you my other ones :(

ok hope you like him :D, I do

mucho loveo

Friday, March 19, 2010

Does He Look Like Justin Bieber?

Ok say im on my home computer now and I said I would let you compare him to Justin Bieber, I dont think they look alike. But some people do...

dont tell my bro....HE WE KILL ME...but oh well

shhh x

My Unhealthy Obsession

' Kay, its totally stareotypical, but I love shoes. A pretty shoe can me amazing, so here are some designer shoes for your eyes to enjoy :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

3 this cannot be normal

I thought I should make an effort and live up to my url. Even if I dont like it

So here are my three confessions of the day

1. In french, I was secretly eating an Oreo cookie and a bit of icing fell down rather than go fishing around in the middle of class, I just moved my shirt around. And that looked awkward and didn't help so I stopped. I forgot about it after a while. I go home and when I'm ready to go into the shower...I FIND A BIT OF OREO ICING IN MY BELLY BUTTON...not cool!!!!

2. I am officially an art nerd....Like really, we are learning about the industrial revolution in social studies and all I can think about it that article in Wierd magazine. The thing on Steam Punk. I mean really, how freakin lame. If you don't know what steam punk is then I shall notify you. It is a genre of art based on creating new inventions and objects based on the steam run machines from the industrial revolution. Sorta like, science meets art and history. Gritty English, Victorian/ sci-fi. Any way its a type of art and culture. Here are some pics to explain.
3. My mom just found out who Justin Beiber is and has decided that my brother should be a teen sensation. "They look alike, he really looks like maxie, give him a sideways baseball hat and straighten his hair. They can just auto tune him" ......HELP ME!!!!!

Cant find a good pic of the lil man right now, So ill show you guys later so you can compare.

This has all happened to me in one day...welcome to my life

Anything messed up you would like to share??? please tell?

Loads of love


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Complete Random Fashion Post

She looks fabulous! The dress is beautiful and this woman can clearly full it off

I dont even need to comment....sequens.....

She is so cute, fluffy and shiny and white. Sorta dream like.

Ok thats is my random Fashion post hope you enjoy :)

A New Meaning? Mabye for the better.

Its all gute

Social climbing? D-O-N-E. Finito! That is it! And as I am writing this, my exclamation marks are not ones of anger but ones of determination. I have been sampling a new way of living, a new meaning to how I live. And it is so bright, and light, and care free and fun. It doesn't seem real. For so long I have lived this life trying to make people I don't value, value me. And as you can expect, that failed. So many people are willing to work for popularity, and I mean work hard. And I can only imagine that even when you reach the top it doesn't get easier. And I have to say I can admire the amount of effort they are willing to put in. I know I will never be able to put that much into to trying to be popular. And of course there are endless benefits and rewards for being popular. But I have realised that they don't actually mean that much to me. Getting invited to every party, whether you know the host or not. It is one of those things people think will make you happy. You get this feeling of importance, but only for a short time. And then you go back to working hard. I just know there are so many things that make me happier. Laughter, witty people, getting a good grade, producing art and having it go on display. Being part of something and being around people that I can relate to. Its so guilt free. And easier and natural. Of course people are going to question whether, its right, or cool. They might say I am lame. And of course you get that sudden shock when you feel hate. But if you just smile and think of all the things that are going right and all the people and times and places that made you happy. Then its ok. The people who were hating, made me feel guilty for enjoying the things I do. And really, does that make sense? I don't think so. So it took a while but I have just accepted some things, someone will always dislike you, some people weren't who you thought they were and people will question your interests. So that is my attempt at expressing how I feel. I am in a good place right now. And I really think I shouldn't rely or fixate on anything and just enjoy the way things go...and that's a happy thought :)

We have all been through things, care to share an thought or experience?
Mucho mucho loveo

I'm hyper now, happy posts tend to do that :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Disturbing Doodle

yea this one is a lil more clear...........oooooooooh i was bored, yes this is totally disturbing but Im trying to be funny, but i think im only scary....beware of migit pervs girls...BEWARE
its past midnight and I cant sleep...oh god and still havnt done any homework :)
Well here you go, this was more fun
I think ill sleep now and wait for malou to tell me I am very wrong and I should go see somebody for mental health issues.
till then good night :)

Intoducing Doodle Life!!!!

ok I have no idea how pixely this is gunna be but I intend to try and get better quality as I continue. And I will try to get my drawing program tools to disappear. I got the idea to start a comic series from to different places, The still, stories coming from Hyperbole and a Half and my style coming from a video series I have always loved GIRL SQUAD!!!! "get ready to look soooooo good" "woot" Ok so this is only my first and I hope to improve :D

My first one is, FRENCH SNOB V.S. ECO- WARRIOR
Major debate: eation frog legs :P
frenchie : "h'I h'am sooo Fanche"
Eco girl: "Evil frenchie. You cant eat frogs!!! They are people too!!! Wait mabye not, they are cool anyway"

Surprise character: JIMMY!!!!, the turquoise BLOB

P.S. in need of tech help, how do you make your whole blog wider, I wanna make this pic bigger but it cuts it off :( also how do you show and have a lil video screen on your post rather than just a link??? ok thanks


Friday, March 12, 2010

who!?!?! what!?!?! when?!?!?! where?!!?!?! and WHY!!!!!???!!!

Okay Before I begin I would just like to thank the world and specifically the media right now...for always being a reliable source of messedupness...which proves to be very helpful when trying to come up with a blog post...So here is is

I mean I have so many questions....does lady gaga believe that underwear is the future???? really???yep I can see is now, all them youngins in 2070 wearing studded thongs out to the movies....WTF???? I know inner wear as outer wear is hot this season and all, but REALLY???? why are the jail gaurds in bras...are they sexually harasive lesbian jail guards??? Why are there only sluts in jail??? Where are the early balding creepers from real life???
and FIRE HAZARD...her glasses are made of cigarettes?!?!?! I would love it so much if she pulled a Michael Jackson and her yellow hair just caught fire....ok a lil harsh but really... I am impressed and slightly ashamed...Im impressed that Gaga actually is making it, like professionally and has a successful career. Im impressed by all the people who marketed her, and tried to get the world to love her...And im ashamed that we as a people are so weak to her...when you see Gaga video first thought "what the hell?!?!?! this song sucks, no one will like it" Then the radio plays it every there seconds and you see gaga in the news, in various ridiculous outfits...and then you find yourself humming the tune!!!! Its not like anyone hears a song and thinks "I can really relate to 'rah, rah, ouu, la, lah' " But you just sorta end up liking it. And as for Beyonce...poor Beyonce... actually talented and beautiful, and she has to work with this freak because some manager was like "gaga is hot, new and everyone knows her" then again Beyonce has got all kinds of stuff making her money, perfume, cloths...LONG LIST....So i guess it wasn't that bad

Final question: Why on earth did they feel it necessary to use the rudely named pick up truck the belongs to the rapist in Kill Bill......I MEAN REALLY????

What is your opinion on our Gaga friend,
Love her
Hate her
What a joke

As always mucho love


(btw i was watching a show and the dude said, "i love you mucho, mucho" Tis catching on :P

Sunday, March 7, 2010


augh I got up this morning, looked out my window and thought to my self "OMG sun!!??!!" like that is some amazing thing. This was Belgium does to a person!!!! :( I was like all excited for the sun and I had to let my dog out in the yard, I open the door and Woa, its fricken freezing. DISAPPOINTMENT!!!! This traumatising experience, got me think about when I lived in the middle east, Bahrain....mmm....wake up in the morning and its so bright, my room is kinda cold cause the AC has a mind of its own. I through on my uniform, which wasnt so bad, and run down stairs. And my mom makes me put on layer after layer of sunscreen. I lived bout 750 meters away from school. I could see our soccer pitch from my window. But I NEVER walked to school. And before you all "lazy spoilt child" it was and average of 37 C, dunno what that is in F...i google it. 98.6 F...and one time my mom was away and I walked home with a friend, I will never ever forget how hot that was where I lived was really new, and still developing so there was no tar roads or side walks, so unless I wanted to get harassed and then run over by some pervs in a donkey cart then I took the car. Not to mention a pack of wild exageration. But I really did love it. We always had to wait for the care to cool down before we got it cause it would be hotter in the car than outside. DO NOT HAVE A BLACK CAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST!!!! We erent allowed to do Gym outside in the summer, they thought one of us might pass out, and you were not allowed outside in the summer without a hat. Sometimes we would be driving and about 50 camels would pass us, they were the sheikh's and they were out for thier dayly walk. There were some wierd things like, groups of workers sitting in the back of an open pick up truck on the high way. looking tiered and sad. My favorite was going into the malls and seeing all the men in thobes, on very expensive phones. And the arabic ladies in their abayas with heavy eyeliner and the spell of strong purfume. But in this culture the really are about the wow factor. But ofcourse I wasnt really part of the arab culture as much as I was apart of the expat one. The sports clubs, all my guy friends played rugby. and most of my girls played net-ball. I really miss it, the sunshine, the culture, my friends, the hospitality and the general way of life. I dont think I will ever be able to go back to Bahrain.... :(

BUT.....I AM GOING TO DUBAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOT!!!!
My family just booked the vacation we have been wanting to go back to the middle east for a while and Im really I will go youtube dubai and the hotel

new fountain attraction...i can almost feel the humid night

the hotel...eiiiik!

fireworks at grand opening of hotel

So yea, im happy. Is there anywhere that you miss or really remember???
tell moi...

mucho loveo


Friday, March 5, 2010

Awesomeness of the Week

Lately I've been neglecting my awesomeness of the week post so here it is. In its usual Fianess. Japanese contemporary art. plastic toys a awesome manicures.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Im So Excited I Might Hyperventilate and Die...:D

5 Days to Go!!!!!!!!! SEASON 4 PEOPLES!!!! Im counting the days, how sad....I feel like an addict in withdrawl......eeeeiiiiik!!!! Blair (the cloths...) and CHUCK (mmmm) and nate( not my fav but a deff. hottie) Jenny ( the lil rebel chick) and Vanessa ( becoming more n more of an upper east sider) and Serena ( do I even need to say anything?) Some of these characters used to annoy me but now I think they all bring something fun to the show...and I think that in the next season I will come to like Vanessa more. The new season promises to be as scandless as usual....yay
Are you as excited as I am???
Do you hate the whole show?
Couldnt care less?
lemme know
mucho love

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Dalai Lama has a Webcast and I wanna Learn to Bake

He is awesome right :p

yep....thats really what I had to doing this project on the Dalai Lame for Social Studies....and he is pretty awesome, we have this list of people who "made a difference" that we could choose who we wanted to study. I knew right away, I wanted to pick him. Im not buddist or anything, im not religious, although budism seems like the coolest one. I just like thier values and ideals. Happiness, enlightenment, not only valueing posessions, peace....And it is probably the least violent too. Anywhooooooo So I was researching and I found that the Dalai Lama does regular webcasts....Am I the only one who thinks thats funny.....I mean when you think of holy, wise, old, relgious leaders you dont think that they are posting videos of themselves on the internet......Imagine if the Pope did just makes me laugh. SO yea I think is is a great way to communicate and preach and promote, very modern and cool........and he has this cute old person/asian accent
and lately I WANNA BAKE
like well....not those ready made mixtures and funfettie iceing, im art and wanna be able to make them look good, Here are some awesome ones. There is a strange amount of video game related ones, but the lego people making the cake are my favorite and the tiffanies one my mom made for my B-Day

smile face---> :D