Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do You Love Her? I Love Her!

Just gettin ya in the mood for Paris, Street Style, a la
And here is a pic form an exhibition in Colette, the fab designer store. Im pretty sure this was up during the time "The Selby" was living in the store window. I literally squealed when I saw the store :D No idea what I'm talkin about?, C'est pas un problem.
Photo taken by The Selby, he takes pics of artists at home, btw pretty sure the hole in the wall has a bed in it!
Dans ( inside )
Aussi Dans
One of the lines Colette is selling, "reinventing the sweat suit"

Yay for uber awesomeful style and design places in Paris, more of my own pics later

- Fia

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Its finally here!!!!!!!!!! wooooot!

okay, without further delay here are my pics from spring break in Dubai

Atlantis! :) our hotel

Sprinkles, they make the world go round

Fountains near pool

This is Jimmay, my bro found himMax is sleeping and Jimmay is just hangin Cool glass art in lobbyThe Burj, its a blurry pic but I have to representThe skyline from the hotel beachCOLDSTONE'S, a ice cream store chain, where you make your own flavors, mine was cheesecake flavor with oreos, strawberries and marshmallows :DCeiling PaintingMy hommies! Damn missed these guys! Aquarium just outside the restaurant for breakfast, inside hotel Dude who cleans the glassI'm a total creeper, have no idea who this is but he is pretty freakin cute Arab stoouf

I will always have a place in my heart for the Middle East, same for Europe and Canada, I am a deff a citizen of the world. The Middle East is a lil part of who I am, for the short time I spent there, it had huge effect on me, its a great place to be

I'm really glad I got to share this with you guys, hope you are not too fed up with me. Till next time

- Fia

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Will I Ever Catch Up???

Things have been going to fast lately, I haven't posted in like 4 days. I still haven't posted Dubai and while I was gone, I also went to just decided to go to Paris, you know how it is....haha, my life isn't usually this eventful but lately a lot has been going on. I was one of the lucky people who actually got back from vacation. I took advantage of the slow week ( teachers didn't give work cause student were stuck in Africa and India because of freakin Icelandic volcano) and tried to make some head way on my long term projects. Then this weekend I hopped on a train to Paris for my art team trip....and now I here, completely exhausted, supposed to be identifying wildflowers but blogging....detail later.....TIRED!!!!

( love this pic, everyone is just starring at her, she is fab)

till then

- Fia

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Munny Is Finito!

Ok so I promised myself I would finish this lil buddie, he has been on my to- do list for like a year and I needed to just pick a theme and decorate. So I went out to this really cool store in Antwerp with designer toys and spray paint and graphic books and bought silver spray paint. Love it there! :) Anyway so i attempt to spray paint my Munny and it turns out ok first coat, but i missed a few spots. I don't know how long to wait for a second coat... turns out you should never have a second coat :P and all the paint starts dripping off the doll like rain on a window. It leaves all these streaks. And I give it so much paint that it is permanently sticky ( still is today) and sticky leaves finger marks and dust gets stuck....trouble! And the night before I go to Dubai I decide i wont be able to enjoy myself knowing that I have this huge project to do when i get home. So In a rush I make so random make shift wigs out of fishing wire, feathers ( allergic) and paper. Then I glue different color sequins to black satin ribbon and make...something ( I wasn't sure at the time) and it turned out like this: ( a kindergarten craft gone wrong)

Oh yea and did I mention that he has to be on a stand because his wings are so messed up and big they go past his feet. And that in a desperate attempt to stop the stickiness, i smudged up his stomach with nail polish top coat...yea he is special

Well thats all for tonight, its 23:30 rebel....yea no

- Fia

Still Catchin' Up

Ok so here is my moderately new cell, Ive had it for like months but it hasn't worked till like now, so i thought in celebration of it actually working I would decorate itSo there is that and some artwork I did two projects ago :P

I didn't really like the project but by the end it looked pretty cool, only thing that sucks I only got a B+, which isn't bad but i worked hard on it and I thought I would get higher :(
Okay and last thing

Awesome Tokidoki Key Chain Lost

If found please return to moi, reward: (ummmm) feeling of doing the right thing, ok €40

I'm pretty sure its gone forever, and my Icelandic friend Kidnapped Jimmay. But if I argue or accuse him I know somehow he will blame this on me :P

- Fia

Monday, April 19, 2010

Chic et Cheap

Ok so I was surfing the web and just 'happened to pass' by net-a- porter ( I cant buy anything but that doesn't mean I cant dream) ok so anyways, I'm just flipping through pages of beautiful cloths and see this bracelet Its cute right? Fun, cute and simple, just a shiny charm on some teared liberty fabric, yea well guess how much this cute rag costs? oh just $125! Ok for some actually elaborate piece of jewelry of even a pendant fine, that's just the way fashion is. But for a cute rag with a Claire's charm on it? REALLY? So I told my mom about it and how I wanted to make one and one after coming home from school she had bought all the material, enough to make 5 BRACELETS, all together it costs like €5, which is like $7, thats pretty freakin awesome, cest trĂ©s WOOT. Anyways this is how they turned out

Ok that's all for TODAY, but will up load more tomorrow, promise. Oh and followers, I try pretty hard to make my blog interesting, but it sorta sucks if I only have like one or two regular followers, so please if you get a sec, just pass a note on to any fellow bloggers. Cause I haven't exactly got the whole advertising blog thing down and I would totally appreciate your help thanks :D
- Fia