Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dudes... :)

This just made me smile and gave me hope, "there are weird and awesomeful people out there"sorta hope. The fact that it is an Andy Warhol quote just makes that little bit better. Just for anyone who has been misunderstood ( teen angst moment sry :P)

Have fun with who you are....oh god this is getting preachy, in other news.... lego necklaces, ive got one, but this girl has a really cute one, wish I had seen this one


Saturday, May 22, 2010

I couldnt make these up if I tried

Dress up games.... most girls around my age were at some point messing around with virtual Polly Pocket's hair, or clothing barbie. Today Emiko and I were on the computer and we were watching famous youtube videos and talking about things that every one has used the Internet for. Then we remember a source of much joy, doing the pixelated nails of a Myscence doll. We decided to be really cool and see how dress up games had changed since we were little.

Yea, they are a little different, when we were six there was no EMO GINGERBREAD MAN DRESS UP, now how is that fair!?!?!?!

Sluty gingerbread, ( mine :P )Daring gingerbread ( Emi's )Elie is haunting you in your sleep
This is supposed to be Lady Gaga, looks more like and evil clown, then again, is there a difference?
I want my wedding to be like this, a dress made out of toilet paper, a vail from Claire's and have 5 different, sad looking, semi- gay, grooms to choose from

This is just plain scaryOur version of a psycho....like take your boyfriend and kill you hamster psycho

It isn't a emo gingerbread man but the concept is a close second in the WTF spectrum. Centaur dress up.....YAY, shes so hot with those grapes


Friday, May 21, 2010

Cute Objays

Some cute new stuff, nothing too major, I recently got, just wanted to share.

Des Macarons celebre, of course Laduree
I kept the box it came in, my harajuku hard perfumes are in there now, I love the little ribbon detailing :)

Awesomeful coke bottles designed by Karl Larfgerfeld :D
The cap is pinkI have unhealthy obsession with these guysMy new mushroom lamp


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dr. Tran is a Doctor

I just found this awesome little guy. Concept= random people send in ideas and people make this poor animated guy do whatever they llike...it just rocks! Oh n just fyi a lil bit swearin so, incase of des parents are near ya

Friday, May 14, 2010

I Can Die Now, my life is complete

HO- HEM- freakin GEE!!!!!

the awesomeness almost burns! Awesome colorful make up collection, done by ... who? none other than the most awesome graphic designers in the world (at least i think so). Damn right its TOKIDOKI
I totally want the lip stain

The party for the launch of Tokidoki in Sephora....this is how you throw a partaySkate ramp....of course

This waiter is serving doughnuts off a lightsaber....I dont think anything else needs to be said

- Fia

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Paris in the Spring, Art Trip

Here are the pics form my art trip to Paris...there are very few things better than Paris in the spring time, im almost positive captions will ruin these so im just letting you see them with out adding random comments, also ive been uploading for 2 hours after midnight.....hmmm, im a lil tired. hope you like them ! :D