Monday, November 1, 2010

Going Green...Terrarium, Onward with the Awesome

Awesomeness Category: Nature
Having a terrarium has been quest of mine since I was really little. Ever since i first saw one in my little National Geographic Kids. So when my mom offered to go to the garden center, I was all over that. A terrarium is just a complicated word for ' freakin cute mini garden' or something along those lines. It was super easy to make, and there is wide range of miniature flowers to pick from, not to mention the whole project is not as expensive as you might think.
Heres a link for making you own....

Me and my gnomes to the end :)


Continuing the Awesomeness, Art and Design

A while back, I went to Antwerp ( I LOVE IT THERE! ) for a day.
And of course, because its Antwerp and it rocks, I found myself this adorable Quee. The little guy is sold out everywhere, but I found him. Its funny cause the lady who owns the shop is like my homegirl, I swear I must be her most loyal costumer. Anywhoo shes cool and I can ask about geeky things and buy spray paint so its all good.

Here is the lil fella
The lady bug is soooo cute!
I so badly want these lamps, I think if I found the right stuff, I could make it, cause they are designer and INSANELY expensive like a single winged bulb is in the thousands

Ok lego furniture...always a win!
Mucho Loveo xxx

Fashion Fix

For all your inspirational needs :)....

Don't you love them....i do, they were perfect for a
school project i had to do, using collage

I love how simple and wearable this is
So basically I love everything about this picture, the knee
high matched with the itty bitty skirt, the awesome doll purse
the huge furry coat, and everything is Chanel...

Well shes just fabulous, nuff said
The coat is awesome
Perfect clash

My love of knee highs...

The print... is beautiful

I swear if I had shoes like these I would never take them off

You know how I like me some head scarfs

love the colors

That possessed looking stuffed toy, yea its a purse.....I WANT!!!!!