Saturday, February 5, 2011

Millinery's Not Dead

So I have already raved on and on about how much I love Antwerp, but that city is a cultural treasure box. I just recently went on an Art Club trip to the Momu- the Antwerp Fashion Museum. Ive been to the Momu a couple times before, it never fails to impress. What's really cool bout the Momu is that there are fashion students studying on the higher floors. So when you visit, their latest projects are on display. So the exhibition we went to see was on Stephan Jones's work. IT WAS AH-MAZE-ING! There were so many hats, in so different many styles, all of them up to the same standard of creative genius and beauty. Its seriously humbling; how someone could consistently be that amazing.

Ok imma stop rambling now. Let you check it out for yourselves.

So um, just FYI Im sorry for how blurry the pics are, but the lighting in the museum was really low; as not to damage the fabric.
Garden Inspired

London Inspired

Arctic Inspired

Nature Inspired

Weather Inspired

Pac legit

Japan Inspired

Sea Inspired

Luxury Inspired

I love the paw one, I can just imagine that on.

"The Red Shoes" Inspired

Mucho Love-o


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