Monday, September 20, 2010

Kicking Ass on Activity Day

Ok so we had a homeroom activity day at my school. Each homeroom was a team and the theme this year Superheros. So keeping up the tradition ( ive had the same homeroom for 3 years) I dressed in black. Every year my homeroom teacher manages to twist and bend the rules so we are the awkward rebelious group.


Theee Unexpectedly Awesome

Ok, so I know, My Chemical Romance has a sappy, annoying teen angst-y rep. However I was recently on and found a link to a trailer for their new album Art is the Weapon. I am inlove with their music video, the shots and the colors and the costume. I just recently found out that the costume designer is the award- winning,Colleen Atwood, the same woman who designed costumes for Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland and Memoires of a Geisha. That explains why I love it so much.So maybe, just maybe they have changed their target audience from the whole passe emo movement,to the melodramatic art kids ( moi ) but i have totally fallen for it. Its awesome, fast, colorful, shocking and bad ass. Totally ready for their comeback :)


- Fia

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Herding Cats, Creative, Ineresting and Beautiful

The following is a film project, where cats were let loose in Ikea and their behavior was filmed...the final product is a amazing advertisment for Ikea. Starts around 3:20, even if the point of the video was for us to buy something, its still stunning


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Start of School Madness, Golden Rat and the Bipolar

IT IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Im a freshman...nuff said

In other news, here is a lil Sophia Round Up

I have a Bipolar English Teacher

Made the JV Girls Soccer team ( first ISB sports team ive ever tried out for, and I made it, Yay! )

I am..... A STUDENT BUDDIE....reprent, im G

Met tons of awesome new people and old people (that are new to me ) that I am lovin

Gunna join Art Club again cause its beast, and I dont know why someone would turn down the opportunity to tour European cities looking at comteporary art, shopping and eating sushi.

I found an updo that makes my hair look decent and it takes all of 2 seconds.

My mom's Birthday was yesterday and my family ate cake while listening to artistic stylings of
50 cent- In da Club...go shooorty....

Have tons of fashion posts to do, prob do them this weekend, and maybe a "Cribs Vlog" room- tour type thing.

Also had our librarian confess to a spellbook fetish........ya... :

In the meantime I have felt so bad bout not blogging and I feel the need to distract your from the lameness of such a post

here is a golden Chiwawa I found outside a store in Antwerp

Some 7th grade Digital Photography shots from forever ago, that suit this random post do perfectly.