Thursday, September 2, 2010

Start of School Madness, Golden Rat and the Bipolar

IT IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Im a freshman...nuff said

In other news, here is a lil Sophia Round Up

I have a Bipolar English Teacher

Made the JV Girls Soccer team ( first ISB sports team ive ever tried out for, and I made it, Yay! )

I am..... A STUDENT BUDDIE....reprent, im G

Met tons of awesome new people and old people (that are new to me ) that I am lovin

Gunna join Art Club again cause its beast, and I dont know why someone would turn down the opportunity to tour European cities looking at comteporary art, shopping and eating sushi.

I found an updo that makes my hair look decent and it takes all of 2 seconds.

My mom's Birthday was yesterday and my family ate cake while listening to artistic stylings of
50 cent- In da Club...go shooorty....

Have tons of fashion posts to do, prob do them this weekend, and maybe a "Cribs Vlog" room- tour type thing.

Also had our librarian confess to a spellbook fetish........ya... :

In the meantime I have felt so bad bout not blogging and I feel the need to distract your from the lameness of such a post

here is a golden Chiwawa I found outside a store in Antwerp

Some 7th grade Digital Photography shots from forever ago, that suit this random post do perfectly.


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  1. lol chill chill , hope you can cope with everything , school can be a pain in the ass sometimes but i do miss school , so enjoy it while you can cause working life sucks big time