Monday, September 20, 2010

Kicking Ass on Activity Day

Ok so we had a homeroom activity day at my school. Each homeroom was a team and the theme this year Superheros. So keeping up the tradition ( ive had the same homeroom for 3 years) I dressed in black. Every year my homeroom teacher manages to twist and bend the rules so we are the awkward rebelious group.



  1. u kick ass lol i love the costume esp the wig

  2. You're adorableee. (:
    DUDE. I staretd blogging again. And now I check for comments like every 5 minutes. It's so embarrassing. (: Hahaha. Like the costume, almost as cool as your Dodo year. :)

  3. Wait. I didn't mean your costume to be embarrassing. (: I mean as in 'I like...' Hahha. :) Anywhoooo.