Sunday, December 12, 2010

December Playlist


New Daft Punk...I never thought I'd like any music remotely related to Disney but I gotta admit they did a great job taking Tron to a whole new future/punk level.
The beat you say...killer!

Kay n I dont know why, but Ive really been into this song lately, I think it cause I recently became friends with someone after we agreed that this song is awesome. It gave me hope that not all highschoolers are lame, RnB listening zombies...

and finally...cause I love me some Brit rockers...I have a slight obsession

Kimonos and cocaine...only The Wombats....

What else have I got....hmmmm

Well theres Daria, you may or may not have heard of her.... but most of my followers were only little waddling blobs when her show was running on MTV...She is my idol and hero...I think you'll love her too. But I seriously want to be Jane ( her friend) ,bad-ass is an understatement.

Heres a link to some genius Daria quotes...

Also, sticking with the whole high school parody theme...Heres an awesome show called
Summer Heights High....its a mocumentary on public school life in Australia, even if you aren't an Aussie, I am sure you will recognize some characters...sadly there are Ja'mies everywhere around the world.

and there are Jonahs

and Mr. Gs

K thats all for now...
Mucho Loveos xxx
- Fia