Sunday, December 12, 2010

London Calling....

There are times when i love living in Europe...for example when I find out that my mom is taking me to London with a friend for my birthday...yea those are good times. I had a hysterical fit when I heard the news. I love shopping and I love art...London has both, therefore I love London. Selfridges and the Saatchi Gallery... two of the most amazing places I have been.

Here's what me and my friend Emi got up to in Selfridges...these are the most dope glasses in existence.
Photo credit goes to Emi, the photos above were taken from her blog,
Cuteness :)
Never before has there been such a lame ass poser
face...I apologize, but you can see the glasses pretty well.

et apres we ate, and celebrated our close birthdays at Asia de Cuba

It was an amazing trip, every aspect was exciting and/or beautiful

I would add the Saatchi Gallery pics to this post, but formatting
pictures on blogger is such a pain, it will take 5 years. Ill get the
pics on the site faster if I post separately

Till next time
Mucho Loveo xxx

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  1. LIKE!!! it was fun, i must admit!!! MUST DO IT AGAIN!!! good times mon amie