Friday, February 12, 2010

Zeee Basics

Hola ! Im Sophia Samuelsson

and here is my basic info....well nothing is ever simple or basic with me so this is about how basic it gets...

Well, I am Canadian, I was born there n my passport is from there....My dad is Swedish ( thats how ive my scandi last name)....My mom is Indian, but she moved to Canada when she was she is mostly Canadian. My parents met in Canada. But im tanned cause of the Indian nick name "Fia" came into being when my swedish blond, blue eyes cousin couldnt say my name. Despite my nationality crisis...I LOVE like a wannabe Japanese person....I have moved around the world to various different places cause of my dads job. Ive lived in Toronto, Montreal, Antwerp, Bahrain and now Brussels. But I think im staying here till I finish high school! Ive got some awesome friends, they are freaks but so am I so it all works out...and if you are not already fed up of me....i will be blogging my life


  1. I. AM. NOT. A. FREAK.
    Thank you.
    And I love you.

  2. oh u are a freak c'est why I love toi! btw help me, I am sooo bad at this whole blogging thing, I dont know how anything works!

    mucho loveo :)