Sunday, February 28, 2010

CA-NA-DA!!!!!! CA-NA-DA!!!!! CA-NA-DA

incase you live in a cave and dont know this already.....



I think my nationalty crisis is soooo proud and since I live in Belgium, and the time difference,I stayed up till midnight with my familly screaming at the TV and praying....the game against the US, it was really close and both teams played really well. We were in the lead for a really long time, but less than the last 25 SECONDS from winning. The US tie the game and we go into overtime. The last goal decides who wins, and honestly the US had shown that they were better at fast offence...I thought we would lose....I just kept praying....and we got the shot!!!!!!!!!! We were number one hockey team in the world!!!!!! the gloves flew off ( in a good way) yet there was not as much arm pumping as expected :P

throughout the game, it was very tense and the players were VERY ROUGH. pusshing each other, tripping each other, pulling each other, screaming, goes on. We did sooo well
and I laughed at all the wierd hockey-isms "one, twice, three times a lady" WTF does that mean? I dont know "a kitty by the door" just equally as random, there are a few others I cant remember... and at the end it really demonstarted what kind of people Canadians are, when they were all cheering when the US team recieved thier silver medals. And how graciously we recieved our golds with the haida (for those un canadains, native indian) prints on them

but I really enjoyed these olypics and I think it really represented Canada, all the happy people, with there maple leaf mittens ( longest line was to buy mittens, even out of all the events) and you could hear loud cowbell at every event supporting our athletes. It also showed the diversity of Canada I have talked about in previous posts....

Even if you were for the US, I hope you enjoyed the Olympics as much as I did, tomorrow I am going to school with a flag and a stufffed toy of the mascots... :D pride

mucho love


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Got a Haircut... : /

ok so my mom has this issue with my hair, I have really curly hair, not like small curls but wide
ones....and my mom says I look messy "its un chic, u have to do something about it" Yeaaa
thanks....Anywho, everyone else likes my hair including me and its sorta my signature thing. So
my mom made a plan to trick me into the hair cut.....She made an appoinment at a really
expensive hairdresser and told me later.... "hey soph, I made an appointment for the hairdresser cause u wanted to do something about ur mess" ( i never wanted to do anything) But now i cant say no cause I seem ungradeful...Anyway so my mom surfs the net to find a pic to show the hairdresser how to do my was this one of nichole richie I cannot find at the moment, anyway so we get there and he does my hair, I dont really like it but its ok, my bangs are to short and are not side bangs anymore, and he got rid of my length :(.....yea but he actually made my hair take that!!!! vive le curls!!!!

and my mom didnt say anything cause i mean, if I like the curls, my friends like the curls, the hair dresser likes the curls, she cant say im the only one who is being "un chic"

I dunno why I wrote this much about a haircut but seemed very dramatic at the time and it was a victory for me and my curls against my mom

I dont hate my mom or anything, I do love her but she isnt very open to other opinions and that can be challenging....

and to brighten up this post with a lil Fianess

here is an apartment block in Tokyo that looks like a set to some crazy childrens show....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Zee Name Change

I decided to change the name of my blog because I didnt think it fitted my blog, when I originally named it I didnt really know how my blog would turn out but now I realise Im more into sharing things that inspire me, make me laugh, things that make me feel and things that make me think. So here is it "Everything Fabulously Fia"

I hope you like it :)


The Cuteness!!!!!!, its almost hurts

Hi guys, just decided to give a little happyness to your day with an OVERLOAD of CUTENESS!
I love Domo, the lil japanese character, this is why I love the japanese, they have domo and we had the tellie tubies, thats not fair!!!! I also seem to have a cupcake obsession and I love the heart made out of valetines candy and the hello kitty, sushi lunchbox


Monday, February 22, 2010


this clip had me laughing for sooooo long, I love this woman, I really want to meet, to the point where I might internet stalk her... I love this clip because it is highly unlikly that this woman is acting, and it just reminds me what a naturally insane and halarious place the world can be, that there are REAL chatacter like this

this coming from a biege person (mixed race) I hope that any viewers understand that any racial comments that this lady is saying are not being taken seriously, ( like everything else she said) . When it comes to stareotypes and racial or cultural differences, I embrace irrational stareptypes. They generally make me laugh how people can come up with such ideas and truely believe in them, either good or bad or strange.....

Sorta going onto a different topic but, when people see me it is very hard to tell where im from, and it really doesnt help when I say "yea, im Canadian" and they say "no you are'nt" in total seriousness, I do you know? "many people see Canadians as white Lumber Jacks.... but in Toronto it is so diverse, every neighborhood is like a different country ( great for different food :D), China Town, Greek neighborhoods, tons of Indians, there is Latin nieghborhoods, Italian, the list goes on and on.... but ive given up on trying to lecture EVERYONE on diversity.... and tell them that im Canadian, but my dad is Swedish and my other Granda is Indian. So I have just said I am.... wait for it....

Mexican......:D and for the ignorent types even after I say "im Canadian"and they say "no you arent" then im like ok fine, ill have to lie to you cause it will make you happy and its not worht fighting, and the same people I just told im Canadian, "fine, Im Mexican if you want" "really you are Mexican" dude im not, but people believe what ever they want to

So yea I have learned there are tons of great people from all over the world...

I really do believe where you come from doesnt make much of a difference on who you are....I am a very proud citizen of the world...sounds lame but its the closest thing I have to an identity I have

mucho loveo peoples :)


Saturday, February 20, 2010

I had to Post

Hey thought u guys would like this, cool right? In case u dont know this is a DIY Munny, different artists design them differently here is the link that the all got started



There has to be an Answer

Lately I have been feeling a little down. I know there is no true hardship in my life and I am grateful for the life I have been given. I know there are others in much more unfortunate situations.

However I have this really bad way of looking at things, I am constantly comparing myslef to others and always looking at what is wrong with the past. One of my biggest issues is rationaluzing everything. I can never admit something was my fault. I will get a bad grade and this is what goes through my head "I cant beleive I got this, just because I didnt do my homework doesnt mean I should get this grade. I should be able to pass by hearing the teacher in class. They are not a very good teacher. That mark was unfair...." it just goes on and on, I know the truth, I know I should hav studied harder but I dont accept responsibilty for my actions, or most oftenly my "lack of action".

And I always want to be perfect, sometimes I see life as this check list, and I get horribly depressed when I see so many un ticked boxes...I want to find a place, actually I want to find a place that makes me happy and confident. Everyone else seems to hav one box be amazing....popular, smart, sporty, pretty, kind.....they hav other intrests but when you think of them you think of one shining quality....and im too busy freaking out about what I dont have to pick something. Not to mention my fear of picking the wrong thing and failing.

There are so many people out there working hard to reach thier goal, thier dream. I feel selfish that I have the luck to probably be able to prosue anything and cant choose. Everytime I get a report card, there are always coments like "she has the potential" "if she tried harder"... It has gotten so bad that I have got teachers giving up on me, just thinking I am lazy. Mabye I am but I am also very lost. I feel like a brand new car with no where to go and no gas to take it there.

Everything is just at this constant state of average, normal and dull. There are ways I have tried to cope, mainly my friends and family distracting me and making me laugh. I have also realized art is a great distraction, beauty seems to fill some of the holes I have.

I dont mean to sound depressing, I really dont, I just feel lost and useless and I dont know what to do

hopefully there will be some happier posts to come :)


Friday, February 12, 2010

Awesome Books

Book( s) I want

I REALLY want this book...tis expensive and hard to find though

Books Im Happy I Have
made an awesome panda, ill show you guys some time, his name is Geffory Ka-Pow


Designer Barbies, marc jacobs, versace, chanel....


Pet Society Addict

I am addicted to this game, I a very visual person and I cant resist cute, fashionable pet and awesome furniture..... I need my house and pet to look perfect....just like everything else I do :P

Things I Love

Yea these two people mean alot to me and stuff but I'm more into the BLUE WIGS and the SUSHI

---> thats her actual name, cause she is cool comme ca. She is the one who got me into blogging...she is the experienced blogger and you should check out blog ( toasters and kangaroos).....the one in the wig is ALICE. She acts like a 3 year old on drugs......she is really cool...and I love her cause she is like my British culture fix and she can ramble about expensive things we will never be able to do....and thats always fun!

PAPER TOYS------------>


FASHION!!!!, I took this pic while at a couture exibit in Rotterdam avec zeee ART TEAM...woot
I designed n made her cloths



Just a Pic of McQueen's Style So You Get an Idea

awesome, non?

The Death of a creative genius, Alexander McQueen

At first I find this video extremly disturbing, and I dont blame you if you do too. PLEASE GIVE IT A CHANCE AND KEEP WATCHING. Because by the end of this video, im speechless staring at the screen, wondering how someone so talented, creative and someone able to creat such beauty would hang himself, ( his mother died, but its still a shame) ....mabye its just me being dramtic, but if this isnt what art is about, being able to take the viewer away from thier lives and transfer them to your vision, no? then I dont know what is

I have a feeling that the beautiful and disturbing fashion came from a mentally disturbed genius....thats the thing with geniuses....they always end up being disturbed.....woa

ok just FYI not all my posts are gunna be this wierd n serious but I am one of those annoying arty ppl and i needed to share this

OK hopefully with some lighter happier posts to come


Zeee Basics

Hola ! Im Sophia Samuelsson

and here is my basic info....well nothing is ever simple or basic with me so this is about how basic it gets...

Well, I am Canadian, I was born there n my passport is from there....My dad is Swedish ( thats how ive my scandi last name)....My mom is Indian, but she moved to Canada when she was she is mostly Canadian. My parents met in Canada. But im tanned cause of the Indian nick name "Fia" came into being when my swedish blond, blue eyes cousin couldnt say my name. Despite my nationality crisis...I LOVE like a wannabe Japanese person....I have moved around the world to various different places cause of my dads job. Ive lived in Toronto, Montreal, Antwerp, Bahrain and now Brussels. But I think im staying here till I finish high school! Ive got some awesome friends, they are freaks but so am I so it all works out...and if you are not already fed up of me....i will be blogging my life