Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Im So Excited I Might Hyperventilate and Die...:D

5 Days to Go!!!!!!!!! SEASON 4 PEOPLES!!!! Im counting the days, how sad....I feel like an addict in withdrawl......eeeeiiiiik!!!! Blair (the cloths...) and CHUCK (mmmm) and nate( not my fav but a deff. hottie) Jenny ( the lil rebel chick) and Vanessa ( becoming more n more of an upper east sider) and Serena ( do I even need to say anything?) Some of these characters used to annoy me but now I think they all bring something fun to the show...and I think that in the next season I will come to like Vanessa more. The new season promises to be as scandless as usual....yay
Are you as excited as I am???
Do you hate the whole show?
Couldnt care less?
lemme know
mucho love


  1. I have honestly never seen an episode in my life.
    I am getting paid for watching my neighbors cat Monday night. I might try to rent the first season just to see what all the hype is about! :)

  2. Well if you are into fashion, and good taste, you should watch it...just keep in mind that it is supposed to be really over the top and unattainable. The characters are so unrealistic and annoying you love them :D mabye you wont, but I do...
    tell me what you think after

  3. Omigod. Omigod. Omigod. I can't freaking wait.
    I love your new layout btw.
    It's very awesomeful.
    Here I am sitting in the hallway before school with Werner, commenting on your blog.
    How cool can it get? Yeah, not much cooler.
    Okay. I'll stop ranting now.
    Lovee, Malou