Friday, March 12, 2010

who!?!?! what!?!?! when?!?!?! where?!!?!?! and WHY!!!!!???!!!

Okay Before I begin I would just like to thank the world and specifically the media right now...for always being a reliable source of messedupness...which proves to be very helpful when trying to come up with a blog post...So here is is

I mean I have so many questions....does lady gaga believe that underwear is the future???? really???yep I can see is now, all them youngins in 2070 wearing studded thongs out to the movies....WTF???? I know inner wear as outer wear is hot this season and all, but REALLY???? why are the jail gaurds in bras...are they sexually harasive lesbian jail guards??? Why are there only sluts in jail??? Where are the early balding creepers from real life???
and FIRE HAZARD...her glasses are made of cigarettes?!?!?! I would love it so much if she pulled a Michael Jackson and her yellow hair just caught fire....ok a lil harsh but really... I am impressed and slightly ashamed...Im impressed that Gaga actually is making it, like professionally and has a successful career. Im impressed by all the people who marketed her, and tried to get the world to love her...And im ashamed that we as a people are so weak to her...when you see Gaga video first thought "what the hell?!?!?! this song sucks, no one will like it" Then the radio plays it every there seconds and you see gaga in the news, in various ridiculous outfits...and then you find yourself humming the tune!!!! Its not like anyone hears a song and thinks "I can really relate to 'rah, rah, ouu, la, lah' " But you just sorta end up liking it. And as for Beyonce...poor Beyonce... actually talented and beautiful, and she has to work with this freak because some manager was like "gaga is hot, new and everyone knows her" then again Beyonce has got all kinds of stuff making her money, perfume, cloths...LONG LIST....So i guess it wasn't that bad

Final question: Why on earth did they feel it necessary to use the rudely named pick up truck the belongs to the rapist in Kill Bill......I MEAN REALLY????

What is your opinion on our Gaga friend,
Love her
Hate her
What a joke

As always mucho love


(btw i was watching a show and the dude said, "i love you mucho, mucho" Tis catching on :P


  1. I love Lady Ga Ga. But I HATE this song! I hate it more than the new Adam Lambert song! Ugh, the video is sickening. Glad you hate this song too!

    Missy May:)

  2. Lady Gaga's cool usuallly. Too bad the cool vibe missed her in this video.
    Love, Malou

  3. OMG!!!! i watched it a second time, and how freakin sad....The reason she is in only tight under wear and tights....TO PROVE SHE IS A GIRL, AND ONLY A GIRL!!!!! thats sorta sucks for her, if her manager said you have to show everyone the rumors are wrong and get a studded thong on, dude at the beggining when the gaurds take off her coat and she runs to the bars. If you turn yhe volume up they leave and say " told you she didnt have a d*ck " awwww I am actually saddened by this

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    -Missy May

  5. i can see the headline now....."NEW TREND!!!! sparkly thong!!! for sale at your local department store." ohhh i am cracking myself up!!!

  6. Ah, yes (awesome post btw) but this video is a mess... but hey, we're talking about it, so that's successful right?
    the joke about gaga NOT having a penis and proving that to everyone by being essentially naked is pretty great. but I didn't really need to see any of that. as soon as the girls started fighting in jail I was like "wow, this is the scum of the earth". beyonce looks crazy. but really she can do no wrong. I was like, oh this is embarrassing for Be, but then realized that I don't think of her differently for it at all. she's still wonderful (and I'm not even really a fan of hers music or anything, but she.. is amazing). Lady Gaga's weird. She plays a character. An insane character. And really she does a great job of it. My main issue with her though is that she desensitizes and takes away all sacredness from everything. This video is a perfect example of that.