Monday, April 5, 2010

:D Art that makes me smile

This not digitally edited at all, they actually blew up a giant inflatable rubber duck. I think this picture was taken somewhere in Holland, the artist is dutch and you can tell by the weather and houses :P Can I just say I would have NO problem with a giant rubber duck outside my house, this is pretty awesome.
yea, some insanley creative, awesome dude did this. I really dont think this hurts the snail, it cant be worse than those small dogs in ridiculous outfits.
One of my fav designers/ artists. Tummie and Friends
ok so lately ive been in a blogging mood, new background and banner.

Waddya think?

Okie doke


1 comment:

  1. I love your new banner! I especially love the "Mucho Loveo" thing, The new layout is awesome too!

    I put the Japanese pic on my blog, I made it so if you click on it you go to your blog!

    -Miss Mayhem