Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Munny Is Finito!

Ok so I promised myself I would finish this lil buddie, he has been on my to- do list for like a year and I needed to just pick a theme and decorate. So I went out to this really cool store in Antwerp with designer toys and spray paint and graphic books and bought silver spray paint. Love it there! :) Anyway so i attempt to spray paint my Munny and it turns out ok first coat, but i missed a few spots. I don't know how long to wait for a second coat... turns out you should never have a second coat :P and all the paint starts dripping off the doll like rain on a window. It leaves all these streaks. And I give it so much paint that it is permanently sticky ( still is today) and sticky leaves finger marks and dust gets stuck....trouble! And the night before I go to Dubai I decide i wont be able to enjoy myself knowing that I have this huge project to do when i get home. So In a rush I make so random make shift wigs out of fishing wire, feathers ( allergic) and paper. Then I glue different color sequins to black satin ribbon and make...something ( I wasn't sure at the time) and it turned out like this: ( a kindergarten craft gone wrong)

Oh yea and did I mention that he has to be on a stand because his wings are so messed up and big they go past his feet. And that in a desperate attempt to stop the stickiness, i smudged up his stomach with nail polish top coat...yea he is special

Well thats all for tonight, its 23:30 rebel....yea no

- Fia


  1. AWWWW! How cute is he! I love the feathers! He looks so perfect to me, great job!

  2. I personally still love him!!!! I have another small edition for you collection of stuff!!! I think you will LOVE it!!!

  3. It's ADORABLE.
    I left an award for you on my blog!